Patio Buying Guide

A patio umbrella will help us to protect ourselves from the harsh sun rays and get a reprieve from the scorching summer heat as well. There are so many varieties of these types of umbrellas at present that we need to be extremely meticulous while purchasing them. Here, we have mentioned a comprehensive patio umbrellas buy guide.

1. Figure out the size and shape of the umbrella

At first, it will be advisable to measure exactly how much space you require to shade. In case you are setting up the umbrella in a play area or lounge, try to go for one that covers the maximum amount of space. Bear in mind that a bigger umbrella will require more space for the children to play while protecting them from the sun as well. It will be sensible to buy an umbrella which is at least 7 feet in height irrespective of the area you want to shade.

2. A sturdy base

Prior to making the purchase, try to include an umbrella base as well. It will provide the umbrella with the required support that it needs for standing upright. In fact, a heavier base is required for freestanding umbrellas as compared to their table counterparts given that they do not have the additional support of a table. Remember that 50 pounds should be the minimum base weight for any patio umbrella that you want to buy.

3. Find a shade which will last

It is important for the fabric of the umbrella to be durable so as to endure any inclement weather condition. It implies that anything which is vulnerable to mold, fading, or holes should not be in your list. Go for Sunbrella which happens to be the ultimate umbrella fabric. This particular material is resistant to mold, fading, and tears or holes. Otherwise, you may opt for a polyester umbrella in case you like to save some money. Polyester is almost as resilient as Sunbrella and is also quite resistant to mold, fading, or holes.

4. Go for a resilient frame

Patio umbrellas have been designed to survive all types of weather conditions. In case you are living in a windy area, you will require an umbrella with a strong frame. The same is applicable in case you tend to forget to close the umbrella on most occasions. An aluminum frame will be effective when it comes to inclement bad weather conditions and storms. Apart from this, aluminum is able to resist corrosion which makes it quite durable in the long run. Go for steel frame in case you are on a budget and still require something which is robust and sturdy. Although it might not be as pretty as aluminum, it will nevertheless serve the purpose.

5. Should be easy to clean

Despite the fact that patio umbrellas have been designed to endure outside weather conditions, they can become dirty over time. Select an easy-to-clean umbrella which will save you a significant amount of time as well as headaches in the future. As a matter of fact, patio umbrellas made from Coolaroo fabrics tend to be simple to clean and they will also resist stains and mold so that there is no need to clean them frequently. You simply need to clean them once every year and that’s all!